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Why Manufacture With Us?

Our philosophy is simple: If you win, we win! We are looking to create a partnership that lasts; we therefore care about keeping your costs low while delivering a phenomenal quality garment, on time, that fits just right. We aim to take logistical, technology, and operation needs off your plate so you can focus on one thing: driving sales!

Our Services


As experts in the custom suiting world, we know how the ins and outs of garment construction, fabric, sales, measuring, and general business operations. We're happy to share.


From buttons to canvas to fabric, we source the highest quality materials from all around the world. We've combined that with Savile Row certified tailors to produce world-class garments.

Daytime Support

As a U.S. owned and operated company and we offer daytime support. Contact us anytime during your business hours with questions or support. You also have access to our online help desk for on-the-go video training and updates.

Our Technology

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Customizable Platform

Our customized ordering platform allows you to create an online profile for each client, create new orders, measure with precision analytics, and manage your client's wardrobe.


Once your customer has a profile created, they can re-order directly at home or on their mobile device. The entire platform is branded specifically to our clients using their own imagery.


Our software comes with a back-end business platform that includes order management, sales pipeline, team management, training and education, and calendaring.

Our Products

MCC Apparel Custom Suit Manufacturing
MCC Apparel Custom Pants
MCC Apparel Custom Shirts
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MCC Apparel Custom Accessories
MCC Apparel Custom Tuxedos
MCC Apparel Custom Overcoats
MCC Apparel Custom Suit Jackets
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Our Story

MCC Apparel was founded by four Clothiers with multiple years of experience working with clients and sales teams in the retail clothing environment. After dealing with several manufacturers, we realized that there was a gaping hole in the custom garment manufacturing world. We experienced first hand the multitude of problems such as: severe language barriers, price transparency, inconsistent quality, poor turnaround time, general lack of communication, and almost non-existent support & recovery measures.

Having faced these challenges ourselves, we set off to create a modern solution to every single problem that we had ever encountered. This continues to be our goal today--to solve the daily challenges that prevent our manufacturing clients from focusing on building their businesses.

As you explore this site and build a relationship with us, we hope you can sense our commitment to continuously improve our capabilities for your benefit. We have a clear vision and goals to work toward, and we are always eager to act upon the feedback of our customers. We have ongoing plans to add to our technology and continue to seek input from experts to further refine our products and processes.

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