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Ordering Technology

In our humble opinion, this is the best ordering platform in the market.


Our customized ordering platform allows you to create an online profile for each client, create new orders, measure with precision analytics, and manage your client's wardrobe. Fully customizable to match your brand seamlessly.

Data Driven

Our manufacturing process is data-driven, a proven and perfected process with a perfect fit guarantee. We manufacture based on facts and the collection of custom measurements.

Real Time Status

Our software comes with a back-end business platform that includes order management allowing you to view the status of all orders at any given time during the manufacturing process.

Factory Technology

The perfect combination of handmade and sate-of-the-art technology for consistent, clean, detailed, and quality products every time.

Digital Patterns

Each pattern is generated by a clients custom set of measurements, cut by hand and then digitized and saved. This process ensures that each time a client places a new order they receive a consistently made garment.

Sophisticated Machinery

All garments are in the hands of skilled tailors throughout the manufacturing process. Machines are utilized when necessary to bring consistency, cleanliness, and reliability in the final product.

Live Updates

Our factory is set-up to provide real time updates to your oder every step of the way. Each item is manually scanned each time it reaches a new station from fabric received to shipping notification. Log into your client portal at any time to view the status.