Our Factory

American Standard of Quality

We are committed to the highest quality products and presentation possible. We have hired consultants from Europe in areas of pattern making and construction to perfect our processes. Our tailors are artisans, skilled and experienced whom share in our standard of quality.


All our products are handmade, scissors to cloth. Each pattern is cut unique to the client by hand, using their precise body measurements. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, high quality and true to original techniques handmade offers us.

State-of-the-Art Technology

All garments are in the hands of skilled tailors throughout the manufacturing process. Machines are utilized when necessary to bring consistency, cleanliness, and reliability in the final product.

Executive Team

MCC Apparel is made up of 100+ educated and skilled individuals. Our American team holds degrees in all facets of business and manufacturing. Our Thai team is ran by our head tailor with 35+ years experience; together they have logged over 3,528,000 hours creating and manufacturing our custom garments.

Our Service

Account Manager

Your personal account manager is available around the clock via phone, email, and text to help submit or track orders, find unique fabric matches, educate, and troubleshoot any problems that may arise.


The MCC team has years of experience in both retail and manufacturing. We know how the ins and outs of garment construction, fabric, sales, measuring, and general business operations. We do our best to educate by providing detailed product manuals as well as making ourselves available for trainings to answer any questions you may have.


We create all of our sampling and software solutions with client branding in mind. We make it possible for you to retain your own identity by including your own logo on everything. Our samples, ordering platform, and e-commerce section are clean, professional, and functional.


MCC provides you with sales tools and technology such as a CRM, sales data, and more. Track the progress of your sales team, set goals, and more. Our automatic order updates allow you to communicate clear delivery expectations to your clients as well as connect you directly to our factory if necessary.

Diverse Offering

Our standard offering contains some of the most powerful brands and fabric mills in the world. We also have an extensive library if your clients cannot find what they are looking for. From economical, to handmade and luxurious, we will help you become flexible so that you can cater to the widest range of clientele possible.

Our Approach

MCC Apparel has a specific approach to manufacturing that was developed based on our industry experience and the stated needs of our customers. Our goal is not to become a massive, highly industrialized manufacturer. We prefer to maintain personable relationships and as much integrity to the art of tailoring as possible.

1. People

We believe that in order to provide the best manufacturing experience for our clients, it starts with our people. MCC Apparel is centered around a core group of skilled craftsman, supply chain engineers, management, and support staff. Each of our clients have a direct, accessible, and proficient account manager located in the USA that can provide answers and help to quickly work through any challenges that may arise. When you work with us, you are also one of our people and we will treat you as a true partner in accomplishing our shared goals.

2. Quality

By maximizing the potential of our people, we consistently strive to produce the highest quality products and presentation possible. We have hired European consultants in areas of pattern making and construction, and we recently purchased all new machinery in late 2016 in order to provide our team with the knowledge and tools to produce at the highest levels of quality. Rather than each garment being handled by 50+ sets of hands and machines in a robotic assembly line, our garments are handled by no more than 5 sets of hands and truly tailored with purpose. This is a testament to the wide range of talent that our artisans possess.

3. Time

Without sacrificing quality, we aim to meet the precise timelines of our clients. To achieve this we provide a state of the art ordering process that allows each label and their repeat customers to shop directly online. Then, each order is tracked step-by-step so that our clients can communicate clear delivery expectations to their customers. We are able to turn around many garments in as little as 5-7 business days, and we are committed to doing everything in our power to meet the given deadlines of each and every order.

Our Story

MCC Apparel was founded by four Clothiers with multiple years of experience working with clients and sales teams in the retail clothing environment. After dealing with several manufacturers, we realized that there was a gaping hole in the custom garment manufacturing world. We experienced first hand the multitude of problems such as: severe language barriers, price transparency, inconsistent quality, poor turnaround time, general lack of communication, and almost non-existent support & recovery measures.

Having faced these challenges ourselves, we set off to create a modern solution to every single problem that we had ever encountered. This continues to be our goal today--to solve the daily challenges that prevent our manufacturing clients from focusing on building their businesses.

As you explore this site and build a relationship with us, we hope you can sense our commitment to continuously improve our capabilities for your benefit. We have a clear vision and goals to work toward, and we are always eager to act upon the feedback of our customers. We have ongoing plans to add to our technology and continue to seek input from experts to further refine our products and processes.