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From hand-sewn collars to hand-picked stitch, here we highlight some of the features that set our garment apart from the competition:


From lightweight to classic, we make jackets according to your brand appeal and client needs.

Available Customizations

Our clients care about style and you need the flexibility to offer them unique and sophisticated things that draw attention. A few customizations options include lapel style, button stance, and cuff options.

Overall Flexabilty

We offer a wide selection of standard customization options. However, we are also flexible enough to make highly customized garments. Even if we've never done it before, we're confident that we can make it happen. Our tailors are not robots, they are artists.

Premium Materials

- Corozo, Bullhorn, & MOP Buttons Standard - Bemberg lining Standard (except fancies) - Gutterman Thread from Germany - Canvased Helsa shoulder pads for drape

Hand-sewn Collars

All of our collars are attached to the jacket by hand giving it flexibility and cleaner drape. Our competition usually considers this part of their "handmade" garment. For us, it is standard protocol.

Hand-sewn Lining

The lining is always attached to the bottom of the jacket as well as sewn into the armholes by hand. When unconstructed is selected, the interior is fully piped by hand as well.


The Milanese Buttonhole is one of the most difficult hand detail sewing techniques in the custom apparel industry. Few finishers in the world can produce such a clean, concise finish — especially with the bravery to display contrasting thread colors. We’re proud of the skill of our tailors who artfully recreate this ancient craft.

Perfect Mix of Technology & Handwork

We believe we have found a good balance of technology and artistry. For example, while our patterns are digitally rendered, they remain hand-cut. Even our machine buttonholes are finished by hand. Overall, the amount of handwork that goes into our garment cannot be matched for the price and quality.


Our shirts are literally a level above the competition. All of our products are fantastic, but our clients give particular praise to our shirts. Single needle side seams, crisp collars, and clean stitch length are some of the features of our impeccable shirts.

Available Customizations

As with all of our handmade, custom goods we can make a shirt in almost any style you can imagine.

Single-Needle Side Stitching

Single-Needle Side Stitching is the process of sewing one seam down the two pieces of fabric, then folding them over itself and sewn again. This technique creates a stronger bond in the seam with a cleaner appearance with only the one seam visible. It is more labor intensive to do but a quality detail we will not stray from.


We source a collection of high-quality materials for our shirts, suiting, jackets, and trousers from up-and-coming mills around the world. These expansive collections each eclipse the competition in terms of value and selection. We are proud to offer quality Canclini shirting for our clients. Beginning with the silk industry in Como in 1925, Canclini transitioned to the world of cotton and brought their techniques with them to create some of the best shirting available.


Our shirts are crisp, have a stiffer feel and structure. We achieve this by a process called interlining, we sew an extra piece of material between both layers of the shirt cloth for the collar, cuff, and plackets. This process also allows the shirt to continue to looks its best even after multiple washings and ironings.


We offer two main types of trouser interior construction to give our clients exactly what they need. We are flexible and offer anything from standard dress trousers to unique inlays, pocket configurations, and waistbands.

Interior Waistband & Piping

Our standard waistband is rubberized around the entire circumference to provide grip for a tucked-in shirt. The visible areas of the pants are piped for clean, visual appeal.

Hand-Folded Belt Loops

All of our belt loops are hand folded and attached so that no stitching is visible on the loop at the top or the bottom.


Vests and waistcoats are a great way to complete the look. We offer full wool or lined backs. Chose the button stance, number of pockets, and lining; the options are endless.


We source and manufacture neckwear and other accessories for a complete tailored look.

Neckwear & Textiles

We manufacture and source neckwear and other accessories such as pocket squares and lapel flowers.

Footwear & Leather Goods

We source Allen Edmonds footwear and leather goods, which offer a great balance of quality and value.

Presentation Materials

We are able to create hangers, brand labels, packaging materials, and more for your branding needs.


Skip the rentals and create timeless tuxedos unique to each of your clients. Crafted with the same expertise as our suits and just as customizable.


We offer a wide range of styles and cuts. From a lighter raincoat to heavier overcoats, you can make all types of professional outerwear.

Construction Types

From lighter raincoats to heavy overcoats, can make all types of professional outwear.

Available Customizations

We can make a wide range of different styles and cuts.


The perfect way to pleas the business woman. Our skirt options include: pencil, A-line, calf length and long skirts. Our vast fabric selection includes options for stretch for all day wear and comfort.

Our Fabric Brands